03.01.2170: 18:39 - Hellenic Industries Shipards

Thursday, March 1st, 2170
Prometheus System
Hellenic Industries Shipyards

“When you go home tonight, remember to brine the beef for Saint Patrick’s Day, Captain,” said a disembodied voice as Laurent left his office at Hellenic Industries Limited.

“Thank you, Kari,” he said, “please order what I need and I’ll stop by the market on the way home.”

“Yes, sir,” it replied, “have a good weekend.”

Captain James Laurent, head of security for HIL’s shipyards in the Prometheus system didn’t respond. No need to tell a computer program to have a good weekend. He walked out into the brightly lit brushed metal hallway of the vast station orbiting the planet Prometheus, which in turn orbits Alpha Centari. Proceeding down the hallway, confirmation of his market order appeared in his field of vision as he reached the lift.

With an audible hiss, the doors opened and his XO, Tara Stephanopoulos, stepped out, almost running into Laurent.

“Commander,” he said, “in a hurry?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, her dark eyes and hair betrayed her Greek roots. “I needed to catch you before you left.”

She never gets out of her VR rig, there’s a problem. “What do you need, Commander?”

She paused a moment, a bead of sweat ran down her left temple. “We’ve lost her, Captain. That Hero class is gone.”

“Gone, what do you mean, gone?” he said.

“That faggot lawyer and his boy toy engineer, sir. They changed the codes, pulled in that fool Captain, and flew away with our…”

“Not here, Commander,” he cut her off, “come back to my apartment. I have to brine some beef for St. Patrick’s Day.”

03.01.2170: 18:39 - Hellenic Industries Shipards

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