04.25.2170:2312 - Nusku Arrival

“Nusku Orbital Patrol This is pee vee seven six two quadruple four Prometheus Registry, arriving from the Agidda jump point at 2312 standard time, April 25th, 2170. Request transponder code assignment and flight plan to Nusku Down star-port along minimum-time trajectory.”

Captain James Laurent knew it would take several minutes to hear back from Orbital Patrol. This was the time to brief the team. They were professionals, it wouldn’t take more than a minute.

“You have the con, Lieutenant,” and he turned and walked into his cabin where a virtual conference call would connect him to several locations on the planet. He quickly put on his Occulus goggles and his control bands. The data being dropped to you is a compilation of our targets,” he said as he pulled a file from virtual cabinet and dropped it into a virtual lockbox.

“All but three are to be shadowed. The remaining are Maxmillian Firmtool, Gregor Tsonovich, and their daughter Caterine Tzonovich-Firmtool,” three pictures appear, hovering in space.


If you see these individuals, detain them with all force necessary. You will deliver either one or all to the safe house located here,” he drops what looks like a bunker into the virtual lockbox. "Do not interact with them. Leave them in the safe house. It has all the necessary security and provisions for an extended incarceration.”

Captain James Laurent stood up and pulled his goggles off. “Whiskey out.”

From the bridge com, he could hear Orbital Patrol, “pee vee seven six two quadruple four, this is Nusku Orbital Control. Your arrival recorded and accepted. You are cleared for a minimum time trajectory for Nusku, squawk 2737, maintain contact on channel 3. Enjoy your stay.”

04.25.2170:2312 - Nusku Arrival

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