Miranda deGrasse Tyson

Famous astroarchaeologist, recently gone rogue.


It is now 2170. I was born in 2128.

Terrans first developed jump drive on the space station Ceres (an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter) in 2088. The United Nations Space Coordination Agency (UNSCA) was the organization responsible for this invention. It was originally just used for jumps within our solar system. In 2092, UNSCA produced a jump drive that could be used outside the solar system. The year 2093 was the first time a nation, the United States, decided to try a manned interstellar expedition. In 2097, the European Union (EU) sent a ship to Alpha Centari, a green planet. The Star Leader 1 jump drive took us to Barnard’s Star, where we encountered alien humans of the Valani Empire.

The First War started in 2114 after Americans accidentally shot down two Valani merchant ships. The Valani Empire did not consider Earth inhabitants a threat, and they did not fund the war effort. Consequently, that first war ended in 2122 with a stalemate. In 2125, a second war broke out and lasted until 2134, with similar results.

I was born during The Second War, and I was 6 years old when it ended. As a small child, I was intrigued by where alien humans came from and how we could be related. My parents were both life scientists and encouraged my curiosity. The third interstellar war began in 2145, and finally the Empire took notice and attacked Earth. The Terran Confederation was formed as a world government at this point. I was 17.

The Third War ended in 2156 and we entered a long peaceful period. By the end of The Third War, we had colonies beyond our solar system. I was 28 at the time, and that was the year I received my PhD in Astroarchaeology. My life’s goal is to document and understand the true interstellar origin of humans. I believe that if I can accomplish this, humans throughout the galaxy will unite in brotherhood, eliminating further conflict.

Miranda deGrasse Tyson

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