Traveller - Interstellar Wars



We receive $100K in precious metals, plus a laser turret for the guns. The deal goes down on Apishal.

A quarrel ensues over sleeping quarters. Gregor insists on taking special cargo as a suite, and wants the first class accommodations to stay empty for paying passengers. The XO screams at Gregor about his unreasonable demands for space. Caterine and her fathers have a long argument about this. We agree to let the research team stay in first class while the lab area is retrofitted for living quarters. Caterine confides in me that she is the daughter of Max and Gregor.

Someone is using a long-range transmission on the ship. Max, electronics operator, and Gregor, communications expert, are tasked to discover who it is.

Peng gets in trouble by making a move on Lynn, a member of the ship’s crew. She gives him a black eye for his indiscretion. Captain Bobo sees the security footage and gives Peng a tongue-lashing. The Captain informs me about the incident and I have a talk with Peng. Meanwhile, Gregor begins organizing a gambling event to fleece the crew of their meager monetary holdings.

As we head toward Nusku, we plan to steal lab equipment and information. I speak with Argent Tully, the ship’s expert on the Vilani Imperium to get ideas on how to proceed. Gregor speaks with his Russian contact about the Vilani Genome Project, and finds that any terminal at the Nusku University could give us the information. [Remember that the Villani aren’t curious and do not care about the origin of humans.] I would also like some basic reagents and equipment for molecular biology work.

Gregor’s poker game has been organized. The Michaels and Sherman are participating, as well as the Captain, Gregor, Lynn, and George. Sherman wins big!

On the fourth day that the surveillance equipment does not pick up the illegal transmission, Captain Bobo decides to toss the ship. Everyone goes to the special cargo hold to be quarantined while the Captain and the XO search for the signaling device. The crew are told that the duo must fix a minor radiation leak. Lt Jacob stays behind with us. The device was found behind an engineering panel in a common area. They replace it and make sure a camera is pointed at the area, telling no one at first.

Gregor suspects my Alexi, research associate, of hiding the device. He knows Alexi is junior in the Russian mob, in which Gregor is a minor captain. We watch on the security camera as Alexi goes straight to the engineering panel and removes the device. He is cornered by security and Gregor wants to torture and kill him. I offer to negotiate with Alexi instead. The research associate clearly thinks the world of me as a scientist and tells me so. To help me and save himself, Alexi offers to send false information to his source. He becomes a double agent.



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