Traveller - Interstellar Wars




I can’t sleep on this cursed manda of a ship. I awake most nights with a dream of a picture I once saw. I long distant uncle, or grandfather or the like… after the Great Revolution but before the Naizs… he was smoking a Blomorkanal and he looked like he was laughing at death as he smoked and stared into the lens.

Pizdet! This fucking crew, the useless scientists and the blyad of an XO. This manda tells us what to do. Get up in my fucking face and only backs down later when he learns that I’m Bratva. Ha! He should be scared of me if he ever gets near a court, much less Bratva.

I wake up angry, but I do not like to appear this way. I worry though. The Captain seems completely controlled by his crew. The scientist is useless. Complete academic. Our daughter has chosen to follow a drochit thinking she’s okhuyenno. Fuck. All seems bleak this night.

We found a kher yesterday, who was a low level thug to tried to spizdit our lives. I made him swear to me, but the oath of a liar is worth nothing. He is pizdets now. If he steps out he will be a pizdek.

As always, it’s my love that keeps me sane. So long ago we met and fell in love. Why we had to have a girl is beyond both he and I… and why we love her, that suchka, I have no idea.

So we will go and steal the dullard scientists equipments, deal with these peoples who I am scared will not adapt to this life. But I will protect my daughter and my husband. To any level and fuck the khuy who gets in the way. Mat is what I’ll do to them.


Little thieves are hanged. The great ones escape.



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