Traveller - Interstellar Wars

Bait and Switch

Introductory session


We are humans from Terra. Extraterrestrial humans were discovered over 70 years ago after the development of jump drive. An American expedition found these humans out in space; they were unimpressed by us because they had been spacefaring for thousands of years. We eventually learned their language and were able to communicate. They don’t know why humans have populated the galaxy, and don’t seem to care. In 2170, I am an astroarcheologist and I want to know how/when/why humans populated the galaxy and details of our origins.

Gregor (Zalkabol) and Maximillian (Treaty) have a daughter named Caterine Tzonovich-Firmtool (28) who is a young post-doc scientist and a follower of mine. She convinced Gregor/Zalkabol and Max/Treaty to finance our journey into space, and hired Captain Bobo Phat (Bret) the ex-military guy to captain our space ship. We have a small crew and a staff of 10 scientists, including myself as principal investigator, a lab manager/senior scientist, Caterine and one other post-doc, two graduate students and three research associates.

Caterine’s parents (I don’t know they are her parents), and the other post-doc (Joseph Peng, DVM PhD, 30) are taking a space taxi to Ishimshulgi, a planet where I already have a lab established using independent funding. My lab manager/senior scientist (Jennifer Kim, MD PhD, 33) is coming with me, as well as Caterine, two of my graduate students (Michael Hunt 24 and Michael Hawk 26) and three recently hired research associates (Sherman Peacock, BSE, 40; Amelie Poulain, BS, 21; Alexei Romanov, BS, 28).

I get on the ship and my $60 million survey module and many other pieces of lab equipment have not yet been procured. I slowly realize that this is not the situation I thought it was going to be. In fact, the crew may be involved in shady activities. I am concerned but still very committed to doing my research, so I convince Jennifer to reassure the team that we will get our supplies, and I go along with the scheming crew. I need approximately $8,000/week to pay my team.

We go from Ishimshulgi to Nusku to Apishal, running guns for money.



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